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Tuition Fees:$3,500 /year
Applications Begin:June 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Social Work
Start Date:August 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline:
Programme Overview

Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Social Work was introduced at Bindura University of Science Education in Mach 2010. It is a four-year programme which is being offered by the department of social sciences which is currently housed in the Faculty of Science Education.

The programme offers courses which include introductory courses in social welfare, social work, sociology, psychology, social work with individuals, groups and communities, socioeconomic development, community health and community psychology, individual and social pathology, social research methods, child welfare policy and practice, rural development and social work law and policy among others. The degree programme also includes fieldwork attachment and a research project.

Social Work is a profession which promotes the welfare of human beings and the betterment of human society through the development and application of scientific knowledge of human and societal activities and social services. Professional social workers aim to satisfy the needs and aspirations of individuals and groups at the national and international level, while constantly bearing in mind the need for promoting social policy.

Professional regulation
Upon qualifying for a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Social Work, graduates are required to register as Social Workers with the Council of Social Workers with in accordance with the Social Worker’s Act 27:21 of 2001


Part 1
Code               Description.
SW101            Introduction to Social Work
SW102            Introduction to Social Welfare
SW103            Introduction to Sociology
SW104            Introduction to Psychology
SW105            Social Work Law and Policy
SW106            Social Psychology
SW 108           Social work ethics and values
SW109            Introduction to Social Anthropology
SW 110           Youth Development
PC103             Communication Skills
HS101             HIV/AIDS Education
CS101             Introduction to Computer Science
PC108             Citizenship Education and Conflict Transformation

PART II                                                                   

Code               Description. 
SW215            Social Research Methods
SW202            Social Work with Individuals
SW203            Administration and Management of Social Welfare Organizations
SW204            Socio-economic Development 1
SW205            Social Work with Groups and Communities
SW206            Sociology of Medicine and Health Care
SW207            Small to Medium size enterprise development
SW208            Socio-economic Development II
SW209            Child Welfare Policy and Practice
SW210            Individual and Social Pathology
SW214            Rural Development
SW 216           Disabilities Studies
PG 203            Peace Building and Peace keeping


Code               Description. 
SW300            Attachment
SW301            Research Project

Part IV

Code               Description. 
SW401            Social Policy and Administration
SW402            Gender Studies
SW403            Principles and Practice of Rehabilitation
SW404            Counselling
SW405            Project Planning and Management
PG402             Civil Society
SW406            Community Health and Community Psychology
SW408            Social Work in Humanitarian Organizations
SW409            Principles of Accounting
SW411            Integrated Social Work Methods
SW412            Project Monitoring and Evaluation
SW 413           Disaster Management

Admission Requirements

To qualify for normal entry to the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Social Work Undergraduate Degree Programme at Bindura University of Science Education a prospective student must:
– Have obtained 5 ‘O’ Level subjects including English Language and Mathematics with a C or better.
– Have obtained any two “A” level passes
– Special or mature admission shall be in accordance with the General Regulations.

Application Process
Application Fees for Zimbabwean Students: $3,619
Application Fees for International Students: $3,619

How to Apply
– Application forms may be downloaded by clicking here or obtained from the University, Admissions Office.
– Payment of application fees can be done at the University Cash Office or through any CBZ Bank – A/c No: 662-60902130074, Bindura Branch
– Complete the application form in full and indicate on top of the application form the intake you prefer (March or August) and the mode of study (Block or Full Time).
– Post or hand-deliver your completed application form to; Assistant Registrar – Admissions, Registration & Student Records, Bindura University of Science Education Bag 1020 Bindura.
– Attach certified copies of educational qualifications, I.D, Birth Certificate and proof of payment of the requisite application fees. Applications without these documents will not be processed.
– Successful candidates will be notified through their contact numbers and national press.

Career Opportunities

Possible career path for graduates with this degree include:
– Caseworker
– Family Service Worker
– Habilitation Specialist
– Mental Health Assistant
– Residential Case Manager
– Activity/Workshop Director

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Tuition Fees for Zimbabwean Students: $3,500
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,809,500

Tuiton Fee for Zimbawean Students= 10,000 ZWD
Tuition Fee for International Students= 1,809,500 ZWD

Relevant Contact

General University Contact
Responsible for Admissions Enquiries
Mrs. T. Gate
Assistant registrar