WPCS 2.1.2
Tuition Fees:$2,285 /year
Part-time Study:2 years
Applications Begin:June 2021
Final Award:Master of Public Health
Start Date:October 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Medicine
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline: August 2021
Programme Overview

Programme description
This course covers the whole breadth of public health, With emphasis on middle-and low-income countries. This is a one year programme for full time and two years for part-time students.

The programme is composed of 14 modules with a total of 180 credits. It consists of coursework and dissertation with a strong component of research skills. A candidate who fulfils the above conditions shall be awarded the degree of Master of Public Health (MPH) of Tumaini University Makumira, KCMU College.

Programme Learning outcomes
At the end of this programme, graduates will be able to:
1. Demonstrate the multidisciplinary approach address various health problems. Identify and apply appropriate statistical methods to analyze and describe a public health problem and health status of populations
2. Identify, explain, and utilize the basic concepts, methods, and tools of public health data collection, use, and analysis and why evidence-based approaches are an essential part of public health practice
3. Demonstrate the ability to apply principles of leadership, policy development, program management in the planning, implementation and evaluation of health programs for individuals and populations.
4. Critically analyze factors affecting health, delivery of health care, and formation of health policy.
5. Critically evaluate published material, interpret and apply this information in the context of public health practice.
6.Develop and implement research projects relevant to public health


Curriculum overview
The curriculum at KCMU College contains three sections:
– Course work (modules)
– Research project preparation
– Dissertation write up

The course is composed of 15 modules with a total of 48 credits. The modules are grouped into three clusters of related topics. Two modules “Refugee health and disaster management” will run concurrently with “Disability and occupational health” as optional modules.

Methods of instruction:
All modules will be taught using a set of methods such as lectures, seminars/tutorials, group work and case studies.

During the overall one year programme, there will be 30 weeks of teaching and project preparation and 15 weeks for data collection, data analysis and dissertation write up.

The project and dissertation will be devised and undertaken on an individual basis, to fit in with on-going programmes of research in KCMUCo and the surrounding communities or in line with the priorities of the students’ working environment.

Degree award
A  candidate who fulfils the above conditions shall be awarded the degree of Master of Public Health (MPH) of Tumaini University Makumira, KCMU College

Admission Requirements

Minimum Entry requirements
a. An MD or DDS Degree from a recognised University with two years of field experience, including an internship. (A “B” grade and above in Research or Community/Public health-related subjects is required)

b. A first degree with at least a lower second class (GPA > 3.0 or B+ for unclassified degree) in health-related fields from an approved and recognized institution by TCU or NACTE and at least 1 years work experience in a health-related, health delivery or health intervention work.

Application Process
Application Fees for Tanzanian Students: $22
Application Fees for International Students: $50

How to Apply:
Every Applicant should prepare documents which include:
– Relevant certificates
– Birth Certificate, among others (Contact School =

All of the documents should be attached to an application form which can be gotten with a fee of:
** 50,000 TZS for local students
** 115485 TZS for International students

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities for this programme include:
– Environmental health practitioner
– Epidemiologist
– Health and safety adviser
– Health promotion specialist
– Health visitor
– Nutritionist
– Occupational hygienist

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Tuition Fees for Tanzanian Students: $2,285
Tuition Fees for International Students: $5,279

Tuition Fees for Tanzanian Students = 5,300,000 TZS
Tuition Fees for International Students = 12,241,410 TZS

– Fees paid will not be refunded if the student leaves or withdraws or leaves the college without permission
– Actual costs will vary depending upon the specific year and needs of the student.
– Foreign students shall be required to pay for a resident permit, and must check the prevailing amount as may be determined by the Government from time to time.
– The University College reserves the right to change any fees, deposits, and other charges or any other provisions of this section at any time and without prior notification to the student or their sponsor and any such changes shall have immediate effect.

Relevant Contact

School Office
General Enquiries
Admissions Office
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