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Tuition Fees:$1,452 /year
Applications Begin:July 2020
Final Award:Bachelor of Mineral Sciences in Metallurgy and Mineral Processing
Start Date:February 2021
Academic Unit:School of Mines
Campus:Great East Road Campus
Application Deadline: January 2021
Programme Overview

The department of Metallurgy and Mineral Processing at the University of Zambia has been a home for pioneering excellent teaching and research for well over thirty-five (35) years, with our graduates becoming leaders in both academia and industry.

The department has expertise in many metallurgical disciplines that include; Mineral Processing, Extractive Metallurgy, Physical Metallurgy and Chemical Metallurgy.

The Metallurgical Engineering Degree programme promotes the development of a holistic systems approach to metallurgy where technical knowledge and skills are complemented by a sound appreciation of the life cycle processes involved in metallurgy and an awareness of the ethical, safety, environmental, economic and social considerations involved in practising as a professional metallurgical engineer.

Our degree provides pathways into rewarding careers and our graduates have found employment in a wide range of industries and organizations both local and all over the world. The Department has well established local research links with government ministries, quasi-government departments and the industries. We also have research collaborations with international universities and companies.


Second Year
EM 211 Engineering Mathematics I
CE 219 Statics and Introduction to Strength of Materials
ME 209 Engineering Drawing
C 245 Inorganic Chemistry
EE 209 Principles of Electricity I
EM 212 Engineering Mathematics II
MM 205 Introduction to Metallurgy
C 225 Analytical Chemistry

Third Year
EM 311 Engineering Mathematics III
MM 331 Chemical Thermodynamics I
MM 321 Physical Metallurgy I
EE 309 Principles of Electricity II
EM 312 Engineering Mathematics IV
MG 319 Computer Techniques
CE 369 Fluid Mechanics
MM 332 Chemical Thermodynamics II

Fourth Year
MM 411 Mineral Processing I
MM 441 Pyrometallurgy
MM 451 Transport Phenomena
MM 481 Ferrous Metallurgy
MM 412 Mineral Processing II
MM 442 Hydrometallurgy
MM 452 Process Control and Instrumentation
MM 422 Physical Metallurgy II

Fifth Year
MM 590 Project (continues)
MM 571 Economics/Management
MM 545 Special Topics in Extractive Metallurgy
MM 515 Special Topics in Mineral Processing
MM 590 Project (end)
MM 562 Foundry
MM 542 Fuel, Furnaces and Refractories
MM 552 Process Design

Admission Requirements

Applicants with school-leaving qualifications shall normally be initially admitted to first-year studies in the School of Natural Sciences. They must satisfy the first-year requirements of that School before they are admitted to the School of Mines.

Applicants from the University of Zambia or another university or an institution of higher learning recognised by the Senate for this purpose may be admitted to courses of study for the degree of Bachelor of Mineral Sciences, and the Senate is prepared to consider applications for exemptions from particular courses in respect of such applicants where, in the opinion of the Senate, the applicant in addition to the minimum requirements, holds other qualifications that represent a standard of attainment justifying exemptions from the course for which exemption is sought.

Students with technical qualifications (at diploma level) seeking exemption from the first-year courses, may be considered by the School of Mines for admission to the second year in Geology, Mining, and Metallurgy and Mineral Processing under the following conditions:
– An applicant should have a good ’0′ level grades in Mathematics and an acceptable Science subject.
– An applicant with at least two years industrial experience shall be admitted to the School if he/she obtained an average of C+ in the courses that are equivalent to those earmarked for exemption at the University of Zambia.
– An applicant not meeting the requirement in (1) shall be admitted to the School if he/she obtained an average of B in the courses that are equivalent to those earmarked for exemption at the University of Zambia.
– All applications for exemptions must be lodged with the Registrar (with supporting evidence) at the time of application for admission.
– The maximum number of exemptions which can be granted is the equivalent of sixteen courses i.e., no more than two years can be exempted in a five¬year programme in the School of Mines.

The equivalent courses from a diploma programme at the Copperbelt University are shown in the tables for the departments of Geology, Mining, and Metallurgy and Mineral Processing together with the courses earmarked for exemption at the University of Zambia. However, diploma holders in these programmes other than those from the Copperbelt University will be subjected to similar selection procedure.

Application Process
Application Fees for Zambian Students: $8
Application Fees for International Students: $59

Between April and August application forms for admission are available at Academic Office at a fee and can also be accessed online from the links provided by the school:
Application forms may also be obtained in person or may be requested for in writing from the Academic Office, the University of Zambia and University of Zambia offices situated at provincial centres. These are located at the following places:

Kabwe – NAPSA Building
Chipata – NAPSA Building
Kitwe – Plot 1467 Kantanta Street, Nkana East, Kitwe
Kasama – Zambia National Building Society Building
Solwezi – NAPSA Building
Mansa – NAPSA
Livingstone – Plot 77 Kanyanta Road Livingstone
Mongu – NAPSA Building

Applicants may download the application form from the links provided by the school. For current application fees, check with the Academic Office.

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities for this programme are:
– Process Engineers.
– Production Engineers.
– Processing Management.
– Chemists & Laboratory Specialists.
– Sales Engineers.
– Technical Consultants.

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Tuition Fees for Zambian Students: $1,452
Tuition Fees for International Students: $2,865

Tuition fee per year for Zambian Students= 28,980 ZMK
Tuition fee per year for International Students= 57,173 ZMK

N.B: Distance Education Students’ tuition fee is different.

Relevant Contact

Responsible for Admissions Enquiries
Dr. Bunda Besa
Dean, School of Mines