WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$1,032 /year
Final Award:Bachelor of Science In Insurance And Pension Management
Start Date:August 2021
Academic Unit:School of Business
Campus:Pioneer Campus, Lusaka
Application Deadline:
Programme Overview

The University of Lusaka was the first institution to offer an Insurance and Pension Management programme at degree level. Over the years, this degree programme has continued to produce exceptional students who have excelled in the corporate world.

Ultimately, this course is tailor-made to cater for students who are passionate about regulating pension schemes and insurance services. The programme incorporates both theoretical and practical knowledge that enables students to ‘hit the ground running’ after graduating.

This is a highly specialised course in business management that concentrates on the intricacies of the Insurance and Pension Management Sector. It prepares individuals to manage risk in organisational settings and provide insurance and risk-aversion services to businesses, individuals and other organisations.
It also prepares graduates to plan and manage pension funds and social security schemes for wealth-creation since the industry is endowed with huge funds.

As Zambia embraces market economics and foreign direct investments, the onus is on the entrepreneurs to manage risk and also manage pensions of their employees. This course is suited for both specialisations. The graduates taking the course will be able to manage risk undertaken by an insurance company or pension fund.

Admission Requirements

Five (5) O-Level credits or better; these must include English Language and Mathematics.

Application Process
Application Fees for Zambian Students: $6
Application Fees for International Students: $48

How to apply
– You will be sent an acknowledgement as soon as UNILUS has received your application.
– Your form will then be passed on to the relevant undergraduate /postgraduate admissions authority in the School or Faculty within UNILUS.
– Decisions regarding admissions are not made until a full application is received. It is important that you enclose all of the information requested to prevent any delays in the application process.

Mode of payment
– All deposits should be made directly to the Bank (QUOTING YOUR STUDENT NUMBER ONLY)
– Terms of payment: Full payment before commencing classes.
– Part-payment will only be accepted upon 50% down payment on tuition fees and signing of a credit agreement form with Accounts.
– If you have not registered, visit 48 hours after making a deposit and follow the online registration procedure.

Documents to provide
– High School Certificate /Statement of Results
– National Registration Card/Passport/Drivers licence
– Attach two (2) passport-sized photo
– Application form completely filled out correctly
– Payment for application form attached (Deposit slip)

(NOTE: Apart from the July intake, there is another intake in January)

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities are:
– Armed forces.
– Town planner.
– Firefighters.
– NHS employees.
– Tax inspectors.
– Teachers.
– Police officers

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Tuition Fees for Zambian Students: $1,032
Tuition Fees for International Students: $3,142

Tuition Fee for Zambian Students= 20,600 ZMW
Tuition Fee for International Students= 62,712 ZMW

N.B: A 5% discount (applicable on tuition fees only) is offered to students who will pay in full during the registration period as provided by the University’s Revised Academic Calendar.
I. A minimum of 35% of tuition fees plus other fees to be paid as the first instalment upon registration (deadline 31st august 2021). The total fees should be paid in order for you to register for the semester’s examinations. payments can be made online or can be deposited into the university’s bank accounts respectively.
ii. The next instalment of 35% should be paid by 30th September 2021
iii. The last instalment of 30% should be paid by 30th October 2021

Relevant Contact

Responsible for Admissions Enquiries
Academic Affairs Office
For Academic Affairs