WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$838 /year
Applications Begin:May 2020
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Start Date:September 2020
Academic Unit:Faculty of Computing and Information Systems
Campus:Main Campus
Application Deadline: September 2020
Programme Overview

Information Technology is the study and design of computer systems, mainly focused on software. The computer industry has experienced unprecedented growth and improvements in efficiency, a trend which widens the scope for Information Technology graduates in the long term. Almost every significant sector of the economy uses computers in some form, and potential for new development is often more a question of imagination than limitations in technology.

The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (BIT) is a four (4) year program that focuses on the application and management of Information Technology. BIT is taught using a hands-on, reality-based approach to education in which students apply what they learn in class to solve real-life problems.

The program is project-focused, training students in the study of computer systems and their applications. Students develop the ability to process data or information in order to solve problems and study programming languages, algorithms and information structures. The discipline is applied within the marketplace, as well as in research.

Majors in the program include computer systems and networks, information environments, interaction design, scientific computing, software design and software information systems.

The course aims to equip graduates with the skills and attributes needed for professional practice and leadership. It is based on the themes of personal and academic development and professional formation. It provides sound foundations in IT, technical expertise and knowledge of professional practice, while developing academic literacy, advocacy skills and social awareness so that graduates become lifelong learners and effective citizens in many different capacities.


First Semester:
– Principles of Programming (C++) 3 credit hours
– Discrete Structures 3
– Computational Mathematics 3
– Microcomputer Applications 3
– Moral & Ethics 2
– Functional French (I) 2
– Sociology of Technology 2 credit hours

Second Semester:
– High Level Language Programming (C++) 3  credit hours
– Introduction to Information Systems 3
– Study Skills 2
– Probability & Statistics 3
– Introduction to Information Technology Law 2
– Functional French (II) 2 credit hours

First Semester:
– Technical Communication Skills 2 credit hours
– System Analysis and Design 3
– Introduction to Operating System 3
– African Studies 2
– Data Communication and Networks (I) 3
– Computer Architecture 3
– Operational French 2

Second Semester:
– Data Communication and Networks (II) 3 credits hours
– Digital Computer Design 3
– Database Design And Management (I) 3
– Open-Source Operating Systems 3
– JAVA Programming 3
– Algorithms and Data Structures 3

First Semester:
– Software Engineering 3 credit hours
– Database Design and Management (II) 3
– Artificial Intelligence 3
– Principles of Accounting and Management 2
– Basic Economics 2
– Visual Basic Programming 3
– Foundations of Multimedia 3

Second Semester:
– Research Methods 3 credit hours
– Software Reliability & Quality Assurance 3
– Advanced JAVA Technologies 3
– Principles of Entrepreneurship 2
– Advanced Visual Basic ( dot NET) Programming 3
– Human Computer Interaction 3
– Industrial Training 1

Elective course
– Social Impact of Information Technologies 3 credit hours

First Semester:
– Human Resource Development 2
– Compilers And Translators 3
– Legal and Ethical Use of Information Technology 3
– Internet Technologies and Web Design 3
– Project Management 3
– Project Work (I) 2
– Supervised Industrial Attachment 2

Second Semester:
– Computer Security 3 credit hours
– Electronic Commerce 3
– Management Information Systems 3
– System’s Administration 3
– Project Work (II) 3

Admission Requirements

Credits in the three (3) SSSCE /WASSCE Core Subjects (Mathematics, English Language and Integrated Science) plus credits in any three elective subjects with an aggregate score of 24 or 36 respectively.

Five (5) Credits at “O” Level including Mathematics and English Language, plus, two (2) Passes at “A” Level in any subject.

Applicants must be 25 years at the time of submitting the application.Must have either :Five credits at the “O” Level including Mathematics and English Language. OR WASSCE/SSSCE credits in three (3) Core Subjects (Mathematics, English Language and Integrated Science), plus credits in three (3) Elective Subjects.

Applicants must have good academic background .They must obtain a distinction, credit or pass as decided by the jury. They should also be proficient in English. This is checked through written exams, verbal interview and certification from a recognized language institution.

Holders must have good academic background. This must be evaluated with the actual results on transcript for the programme.

Holders must have Technician Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Microcomputer Technology or in any relevant IT Programmes

Holders of Higher National Diploma in Information Technology/ HND in Computer Science or an IT related programme from a recognized University or Tertiary Institution with 1st Class, 2nd Upper or 2nd Lower grades. They must also satisfy the basic entry requirement into University.

Application Process
Application Fees for Ghanaian Students: $26
Application Fees for International Students: $26

Offline Application Procedure
Application forms for admission could be obtained at the GTUC Information Centre,
– GTUC – Adjacent Police Training School, Tesano, Accra
– Kumasi Campus Amanfrom – University Junction– Off the main Barekese Road,
– Koforidua Campus Charley Junction,
– Ho Learning Centre, Vodafone Regional Head Office,
– Takoradi Learning Centre, Vodafone Regional Office
– and at the website

Applicants should please note that application submitted will not be processed until the cost of application form of GH¢150.00 is settled with banker’s draft from any bank.

Completed application forms with certified copies of Certificates / result slips should be submitted to the admissions offices before the closing date.

Online Application Procedure
* Select “For First Time Applicants” or “Create account” if a New User. Select “For Returning Applicants” or “Login” if a continuing user/applicant.
* First time applicants are required to fill the various fields in order to have their account creation successful.
* An SMS will be sent to phone number provided to confirm account creation.
* Various programs offered in the institution will be displayed where user makes selection. Per selection made, the various programs within the selected program are displayed from which a choice is to be made by applicant.
* Provide subsequent information to complete application;
-Personal details
-WAEC Results

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities for this programme include:
– Software Developers
– Information Technology Consultant
– Computer Forensic Analyst
– Information Technology Business Analyst
– Computer Network Architect

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Tuition Fees for Ghanaian Students: $838
Tuition Fees for International Students: $4,722

Tuition Fees per year for Ghanaian Students = GH¢4,828
Tuition Fees per year for International Students = GH¢27,198

– Fresh students are required to pay full semester fees before or during registration
– Continuing students are required to pay at least 60% of their fees on or before the day of registration. Failure to pay the required 60% percent by the end of second week after the beginning of the semester in question will attract a penalty of GH¢200.00.

Relevant Contact

Admissions Office
Admission Enquiries
School Office
General Enquiries