WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$1,077 /year
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Information
Start Date:September 2021
Academic Unit:School of Science, Engineering and Technology
Campus:Great North Road Campus
Application Deadline: July 2021
Programme Overview

Bachelor of Information Technology programme is aimed at producing graduates with practical knowledge of Information Technology and student have option to specialize in the following areas:
– Networks and Security
– Enterprise and Information Systems
– Web systems and Technology

The objectives of the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology include:
– Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to Information Technology and software applications.
– Possess the right combination of knowledge and practical, hands-on expertise to plan and manage both an organization’s information technology infrastructure and the people who use it.
– Take responsibility for selecting hardware and software products appropriate for an organization. Able to integrate those products with organizational needs and infrastructure, and install, customize and maintain those applications, thereby providing a secure and effective environment that supports the activities of the organization’s computer users.
– Deploy appropriate theory, practices, and tools for the specification, design, implementation, and maintenance as well as the evaluation of computer-based systems.
– Ensure that graduates are guided by the social, professional, legal and ethical as well as cultural issues involved in the use of computer technology.
– Demonstrate practical capabilities and skills to specify, design, and implement computer-based systems. They will be able to apply the principles of effective information management and human-computer interaction while taking into account security issues.


Course Outline
First Year

Semester I
MSM111 – Mathematical Methods I
BIO111 – Introductory Biology
CHE111 – Introductory Chemistry
PHY101 – Fundamentals of Physics

Semester II
MSM112 – Mathematics II
BIO112 – Molecular Biology & Genetics
CHE112 – Introductory Chemistry II
PHY102 – Introductory Physics II
BMG101 – Ethics and Sustainable Behaviour in Society

Second Year
Semester I
BMG241 – Principles of Management
ICT221 – Computer Architecture
ICT241 – Digital Design
ICT261 – Introduction to OOP & Java I
ICT271 – Databases

Semester II
BEN142 – Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship
ICT222 – Operating Systems
ICT242 – Networking and Communication
ICT262 – Introduction to OOP & Java I
ICT292 – Computers, Professional Practice and Ethics

Third Year
Semester I
BAC211 – Principles of Accounting I
ICT331 – System Acquisition and implementation
ICT341 – Computer Security
ICT361 – Mobile App Development
ICT381 – Software Engineering I
ICT390 – Industrial Attachment

Semester II
BAC212 – Principles of Accounting II
ICT352 – Artificial Intelligence and Prolog
ICT372 – Advanced Databases
ICT382 – Software Engineering II
ICT392 – Knowledge Management

Fourth Year
Semester I
ICT421 – Distributed & Concurrency Systems
ICT431 – Capstone Project (Proposal & Presentation)
ICT451 – Advanced Networks
ICT461 – Web Systems and Technology
ICT471 – Enterprise Systems
ICT481 – ICT Project Management

Semester II
ICT432 – Capstone Project
ICT442 – Advanced Security
ICT462 – Human-Computer Interaction
ICT472 – E-Commerce
ICT492 – Management of Information Systems

Admission Requirements

Candidates should have a (6) credit or better in English Language,  Mathematics, Biology or Agriculture Science and Science or physics and Chemistry for those who took pure sciences and a credit (6) or better in any other one (1) subject in the Zambian School Certificate or General School Certificate of Education or Cambridge International Examinations.

Application Process
Application Fees for Zambian Students: $8
Application Fees for International Students: $49

How to apply
– You need to pay the application fee of K150 and this can be deposited in the Mulungushi University ZANACO Bank Account No. 1067654300160 at any of their branches countrywide. Then you need to scan the deposit slip and attach it as part of your online application.
– You need to scan and attach certified copies of your certificate or statement of results.
– For foreign students, you need to make a bank draft of US$50 in the name of Mulungushi University and scan a copy and attach it to the online application. Send the actual bank draft to Academic Office, Mulungushi University, PO Box 80415, KABWE, ZAMBIA.
NOTE: Your application will not be considered if you do not attach the above documents

– If you have obtained academic or professional training after leaving school (eg diploma) and want them to be used to support your application then you should scan and attach certified copies of your diploma certificates.
– Scan and attach either a copy of your passport or National Registration Card (NRC) or any form of identification (this is not mandatory as you can submit it later)
– Scan and attach a letter from your sponsor confirming that they are willing to sponsor you for the course at Mulungushi University (this is not mandatory as you can submit it later)

All completed application forms should be accompanied by certified copies of certificates or statements of results; a bank deposit slip OR receipt from the Bursar’s office and should reach the Academic Office by:
– June, 2021 for Distance Learning programmes
– July 2021 for Full-Time programmes.
Candidates holding admission letters from previous intakes but did not report for one reason or another should buy and complete new application forms. For further information contact the Academic Office on Cell No. +26 0977-134107, +26 0979310324, +26 0971507759, Admission Office Line: 0215-228018

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities are:
– Application analyst.
– Cyber security analyst.
– Data analyst.
– Data scientist.
– Database administrator.
– Information systems manager.
– IT consultant.

Relevant Contact

Admssions Office
For Admissions Enquiries
Mr. Gubula C. Siaciti