WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$727 /year
Applications Begin:July 2020
Final Award:Master of Engineering (Geo-Information & Geodesy)
Start Date:February 2021
Academic Unit:School of Engineering
Campus:Great East Road Campus
Course Type:Master by Research
Application Deadline: January 2021
Programme Overview

To facilitate the growth of engineering education in Zambia and to maintain its national relevance, the School of Engineering has developed a close association with industry and government. Many of the academic staff are members of relevant governmental committees.

On a formal basis, the School of Engineering Advisory Board, which draws its external membership from government industry and the professional institutions, meets regularly to discuss matters that are pertinent to the development and smooth operation of the School.


2nd Year
2nd Semester
EG 269 Introduction to Information Technology
EG 275 Engineering and Communication
EM 212 Engineering Mathematics II
GE 212 Introduction to Geo-informatics
GE 215 Introduction to Statistics and Computing for Geo-informatics

3rd Year
1st Semester
GE 321 Cartography I
GE 371 Surveying I
CE 365 Soil Science, Roads and Hydraulics
EM 311 Engineering Mathematics III

2nd Semester
GE 352 Land Law and Land Resource Management
GE 332 Photogrammetry I
EM 312 Engineering Mathematics IV
CE 305 Civil Engineering Drawing

4th Year
1st Semester
GE 411 Error Analysis and Network Adjustment
GE 431 Photogrammetry II
GE 441 Geodesy I
GE 461 Remote Sensing

2nd Semester
GE 422 Cartography II
GE 412 Numerical methods and Programming
GE 472 Surveying II
EG 475 Engineering Management and Society I
EG 493 Industrial Training I (Compulsory)

5th Year
1st Semester
GE 590 Project Work
GE 541 Geodesy II
CE 581 Construction Techniques and Management
GE 561 Geographic Information Systems
GE 571 Engineering Surveying

2nd Semester
EG 575 Engineering Management and Society II
EG 593 Industrial Training II (Compulsory)
GE 592 Integrated Mapping

GE 531 Photogrammetry III
GE 562 Cadastres and Land Resources Management

Admission Requirements

The applicants must be:
– Graduates of the University of Zambia who have been admitted to the appropriate Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field with at least a Credit; or
– Graduates of other recognized Universities who have been admitted to the appropriate Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field with at least a Lower second class honours; or
– In exceptional circumstances, graduates who possess a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering or related field with a pass or its equivalent, and have a minimum of two-year acceptable professional experience at an appropriate level or other qualifications relevant to the pursuit of graduate studies may be accepted for admission.

Application Process
Application Fees for Zambian Students: $8
Application Fees for International Students: $59

Postgraduate Application Process
Application forms can be obtained from the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies or downloaded from the links provided by the school.
Completed application forms should be accompanied by a payment of a non-refundable application fee of K150.00 for Zambians and US$60.00 for non-Zambians.
Postal and Money Orders are no longer accepted. Money should be deposited into DRGS Account number 0100110272200 Standard Chartered Main Branch Lusaka. Send original deposit slip to the Directorate of Research and Graduate Studies

Career Opportunities

Some career opportunities for this programme are:
– Remote Sensing Specialist
– Consultant
– GIS adviser
– Geo-information Manager
– Geo-information AnalistResearcher
– Research Assistant
– Lecturer

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Tuition Fees for Zambian Students: $727
Tuition Fees for International Students: $8,525

Tuition fee per year for Zambian Students= 14,500 ZMK
Tuition fee per year for International Students= 170,118 ZMK

Relevant Contact

Responsible for Admissions Enquiries
Dr. Michael Mulenga
Dean, School of Engineering