WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$543 /year
Applications Begin:July 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Forestry
Start Date:September 2021
Academic Unit:College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism
Campus:Olmotonyi Campus
Application Deadline: September 2021
Programme Overview

The main aims of the programme are to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the principles of forestry in terms of science and practice; and to produce graduate foresters who have sound knowledge and understanding of forestry and have key skills that are required to spearhead the move to modernise forestry practices for sustainable development.

Expected Learning Outcomes
The main purpose of the BSc. Forestry Curriculum is to develop students’ knowledge, competence and ability to apply the principles of forestry in terms of science, research and delivery of advisory services and practice for sustainable development.At the end of the programme graduates will be expected to demonstrate knowledge and understanding competence and ability:
– To design, implement and control forest operations in natural and plantation forests.
– To identify principal tree species, describe their habitats, uses, and economic values
– To identify and manage the principal pests and diseases of forest trees in the tropics.
– To apply forestry and management principals in management of principles in management of forestry projects/enterprises, forest industries, undertaking forest research and environment conservation.
– To identify, formulate and solve forest engineering problems; select appropriate harvesting methods and systems for forests.
– To apply relevant knowledge and skills in entrepreneurship for self – employment.
– To apply a range of methods, technology and art of processing forestry products to add value to meet market demands and apply problem solving skills in undertaking their management plans and research project and report writing.


FEC 101    Introduction to Resource Economics
FEN 101    Fundamentals of Forest Engineering
FMM 101    Introduction to Surveying and Mapping
FWU 101    Wood Chemistry
FBL 103    Introduction to Soil Science
FWU 102    Wood Anatomy and Quality

*SC 100    Communication Skills I
MTH 102    Basic Mathematics
BTM 102    Tourism, Environment and Development
DS 100    Principles, Theories and Contemporary Issues of Development
* Audit Course

FBL 101    Forest Botany
FBL 102    Fundamentals of Ecology
CIT 100    Computer Applications
MTH 106    Introduction to Statistics
SC 101    Communication Skills II

FBL 104    Integrated Ecosystems Assessment
AEA 102    Introduction to Agribusiness
FEN 102    Workshop Technology

FBL 201    Silviculture
FBL 202    Tree Improvement
FEN 201    Logging and Ergonomics
FEC 201    Resource Economics
FMM 202    Forest Biometry
FBL 203    Wildlife Management and Beekeeping

FBL 207    Ecological Impact Assessment and Environmental Planning
*SC 100    Communication Skills 1
AE 202    Introductory Land Surveying
* Audit Course

FMM 201    Principles of Remote Sensing and GIS
FBL 204    Soil Classification, Surveying & Land Evaluation
FMM 205    Forest Resource Assessment
FWU 201    Wood Properties and Utilization
FWU 202    Sawmilling
FBL 205    Agroforestry

FWU 203    Non-Timber Forest Products
FEC 202    Natural Resource and Environmental Economics
FBL 208    Climate Change

FBL 301    Forest Protection
FBL 302    Integrated Watershed Management
FEN 301    Timber Transportation Planning and Roads
FEC 303    Resource Policy, Legislation and Land Use Economics
FMM 301    Forest Management Planning 1
FSP 300    Research Project I
FBL 303    Forest Soil Management
FBL 305    Biodiversity Measuring and Monitoring
FEC 304    Entrepreneurship Skills and Development
*SC 100    Communication Skills 1
* Audit Course

FEC 302    Extension Education in Nature Conservation
FMM 302    Forest Management Planning II
FWU 301    Wood Based Materials
FEC 301    Principles of Administration and Management
FSP 300    Research Project II
FEC 305    Introductory Marketing and Financial Accounting
FBL 304    Ecological Restoration
BTM 308    Human Resource Management

Admission Requirements

Admission for the Bachelor of Science in Forestry requires Two principal passes (4 points) in Biology/Botany and Chemistry /Physics/Geography/Science and Practice of Agriculture OR Diploma with a GPA of not less than 3.0 in Forestry, Bee-keeping, Wildlife Management or Agriculture (with component) and O-level certificate or its equivalent with THREE credits or FOUR passes in relevant science subjects at O-level.

Application Process
Application Fees for Tanzanian Students: $9
Application Fees for International Students: $30

Applicants should apply directly to SUA using online admission system  which can be accessed at

Career Opportunities

Career paths for Bachelor of Science in Forestry include:
– Government agencies; Governments all over the world are hard at work to protect forests and their resources
– Land Management. Land management specialists are responsible for managing and upkeeping areas of land
– NGOs
– Timber Management
– Research and Development
– Firefighting and Conservation
– Consulting

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Tuition Fees for Tanzanian Students: $543
Tuition Fees for International Students: $3,087

Tuition Fees per year for Tanzanian Students = 1,263,000 TZS
Tuition Fees per year for International Students = 7,174,950 TZS

International Students pay more than the local students. Their fees are displayed in US Dollars (3,100 USD)

Relevant Contact

College of Forestry Wildlife and Tourism Office
For enquiries at this college
Admissions Office
Responsible for Admission Enquiries