WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$543 /year
Applications Begin:July 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences and Management
Start Date:September 2021
Academic Unit:Solomon Mahlangu College of Science and Education
Campus:Solomon Mahlangu Campus
Application Deadline: September 2021
Programme Overview

The programme is designed to equip graduates with theoretical and practical skills in environmental issues and an understanding to deal effectively yet sensitively with complex environmental, and social problems arising at the local, national and global levels. The programme emphasizes scientific facts, social and economic values and ethics that are essential in determining an appropriate course of environmental action.

Expected Learning Outcomes
At the end of the programme the candidate should be able to:
– Advise, plan and implement environmentally friendly development activities/programmes.
– Carry out environmental impact assessment of human activities such as mining, livestock and agriculture, irrigation, manufacturing industry, human settlements fishing, wildlife and forestry.
– Assess levels of pollutants in air, water, soils, plants and animal tissues.
– Plan and design waste treatment and disposal systems in human settlements, irrigation projects, mining, industrial, terrestrial and aquatic environments.
– Plan and design pollution control technologies and systems for atmospheric, terrestrial and aquatic environments
– Assess degradation of the physical environment, its impact and plan and implement restoration measures such as soil conservation, afforestation, and other land reclamation measures.
– Record, analyse and diagnose metrological data and predict weather conditions.
– Design collect and analyse micro-climatic and bio-metrological information under experimental production scale and natural conditions.
– Develop skills for self-employment in environmental management, protection and advocacy.



BL 100  Introductory Cell Biology and Genetics
ENV 100  Fundamentals of Microbiology
MTH 104  General Mathematics I
ENV 110  General Chemistry
ENV 111  Introduction to Meteorology
ENV 114  Environmental Geomorphology
ENV 101  Fundamentals of Ecology and Ecosystems

DS 100  Principal, Theories and Contemporary issues of Development
SC 100* Communication Skills I
EE 101  Introductory Sociology
RD 111  Introduction to Natural Resource Management
* Audit Course

ENV 103  Biochemistry
ENV 102  Botany
ENV 113  Meteorological Instrumentation
MTH 106  Introductory Statistics
SC 101     Communication Skills II
MTH 107  eneral Mathematics II
CIT 100   Computer Applications

AE 101/AE 111/FT 101     Introduction to Engineering drawing
EE 105    Principles of Administration and Management
MTH 108 Numerical Methods I

ENV 200   Environmental Chemistry
ENV 201   Hydrogeology and Water Resource Management
ENV 202   Atmospheric Physics
ENV 210   Environmental Microbiology
ENV 211   Occupational Health Hazards and Safety Practices
MTH 201  Biometry

MTH 202              Numerical Methods II
*SC 100                Communication Skills I
MTH 203              General Mathematics III
**RD 201             Introduction to Gender and Development
* Audit Course
** RD 201 is a pre-requisite course for RD 301 Gender and Development

ENV 203   Remote Sensing and GIS in Environmental Studies
ENV 204   Mining and the Environment
ENV 205   Land and Water Pollution and Control
ENV 206   Climatology
ENV 209   Environmental Analytical Chemistry
ENV 212   Biodiversity and Conservation
ENV 221   Research Methodology

ENV 207  Synoptic Meteorology I
ENV 208  Dynamic Meteorology I
MTH 204  Numerical Methods III
ENV 220  Environmental Economics
ENV 213  Radioactivity and Environmental Radiology

ENV 300  Waste Management
ENV 301  Applied Climatology
ENV 312  Environmental Toxicology
ENV 320  Environmental Law and Legislation
ENV 321  Research Project I
ENV 323  Global Environmental Policies and Advocacy

*SC 100   Communication Skills I
ENV 302  Synoptic Meteorology II
ENV 303  Dynamic Meteorology II
RD 202    Natural Resources Management
ENV 313  Technology, Energy and then Environment
RD 301  Gender and Development
* Audit Course

ENV 310               Biotechnology and the Environment
ENV 322               Research Project II
ENV 306               Environmental Impact Assessment
ENV 311               Environmental Health Management and Ecological Restoration
ENV 307               Air Pollution, Prevention and Control
ENV 309               Global Climate Change and Disaster Management

ENV 308               Meteorological Data Analysis and Display Systems
ENV 304               Tropical Meteorology
ENV 314               Environmental Horticulture

Admission Requirements

Two principal passes (4 points) in Chemistry and Biology/Mathematics Geography/ Physics/ Science and Practice in Agriculture. Candidates without a pass in Biology and Mathematics at A- Level must a credit in Mathematics at O-level OR Diploma with a GPA of not less than 3.0 in the fields of Physical, Chemical or Biological Sciences and O-level certificate or its equivalent with THREE credits or FOUR passes in relevant science subjects (Passes in Chemistry and Mathematics at O-level and Diploma level are mandatory.).

Application Process
Application Fees for Tanzanian Students: $9
Application Fees for International Students: $30

Applicants should apply directly to SUA using online admission system  which can be accessed at

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities available for Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Management include:
– Amenity horticulturist
– Commercial horticulturist
Environmental consultant
Environmental education officer
Environmental engineeer
Environmental manager
– Horticultural consultant
– Horticultural therapist

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Tuition Fees for Tanzanian Students: $543
Tuition Fees for International Students: $3,087

Tuition Fees per year for Tanzanian Students = 1,263,000 TZS
Tuition Fees per year for International Students = 7,174,950 TZS

International Students pay more than the local students. Their fees are displayed in US Dollars (3,100 USD)

Relevant Contact

Dr Ibrahimu Chikira Mjemah
For Enquiries in Department of Geography and Environmental Studies
Admissions Office
Responsible for Admission Enquiries