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Tuition Fees:$0 /year
Applications Begin:June 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree in Chemistry
Start Date:August 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Science Education
Campus:FSE Campus
Application Deadline:
Programme Overview

Bachelor of Science Education Honours in Chemistry is a 3 years programme which prepares students to teach Chemistry and social studies at the high school level.


Part I
Code Description
CH101 Physical Chemistry I
CH102 Inorganic & Analytical Chemistry I
CH103 Organic Chemistry I
CH105 General Chemistry
CH201 Physical Chemistry II
CH202 Inorganic Chemistry II
CH203 Organic Chemistry II
CH204 Analytical Chemistry II
CH211 Further Physical Chemistry
PH121 Physics for Chemists
MT109 Mathematics for Chemists
CH212 Further Inorganic Chemistry
PC105 Psychological foundations of Education
PC106 Philosophical foundations of Education
PC107 Sociological foundations of Education
PC103 Communication Skills

Choose ONE from the foundations

PC105 Psychological foundations of Education
PC106 Philosophical foundations ofEducation
PC107 Sociological foundations of Education
PC104 Citizenship Education
CS101 Introduction to Computers
PC301 Curriculum Design, Implementation and Evaluation
PC102 Research Methods & Statistics

Part II
CH301 Physical Chemistry III
CH302 Inorganic Chemistry III
CH303 Organic Chemistry III
CH304 Analytical Chemistry III
CH311 Advanced Physical Chemistry
CH312 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CH323 Advanced Organic Chemistry
CH324 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CH313 Further Organic Chemistry
CH314 Further Analytical Chemistry
PC301 Curriculum Design, Implementation & Evaluation
PC206 Pedagogics in Science Teaching
AS203 Secondary School Experience

Students should select an equivalent of at least four (4) credits from the following courses, whichever are on offer.

CH421 Atmospheric Chemistry
CH422 Bio-Inorganic Chemistry
CH423 Medicinal Chemistry
CH424 Environmental Chemistry
CH433 Synthetic Methods & Advanced Spectroscopy
CH442 Further Solid State Chemistry
CH451 Industrial Process Chemistry
CH461 Catalysis & Corrosion Chemistry
PC203 Advanced Pedagogics
PC204 History & Philosophy of Science
PC205 Educational Management
AS204 Applied Science Education
HS101 HIV/AIDS Education

Part III
CH370 Research Project
AS403 Final Applied Science Education
PC401 Curriculum Issues in Science Teaching &
PC104 Citizenship Education

Admission Requirements

A prospective student must meet the following requirements:

Have obtained a Certificate in Education/Diploma in Education or other recognizable teaching qualification from an acceptable institution where the subject of study was strongly represented;
– Have a pass in A-Level Chemistry;
– Have a good pass in O-Level English and Mathematics;
– Have had at least two years of approved teaching experience at an institution recognized by the University, and may be required to pass a written/oral entrance examination set by the University in the subject to be studied.

Application Process
Application Fees for Zimbabwean Students: $3,619
Application Fees for International Students: $3,619

How to Apply
– Application forms may be downloaded by clicking here or obtained from the University, Admissions Office.
– Payment of application fees can be done at the University Cash Office or through any CBZ Bank – A/c No: 662-60902130074, Bindura Branch
– Complete the application form in full and indicate on top of the application form the intake you prefer (March or August) and the mode of study (Block or Full Time).
– Post or hand-deliver your completed application form to; Assistant Registrar – Admissions, Registration & Student Records, Bindura University of Science Education Bag 1020 Bindura.
– Attach certified copies of educational qualifications, I.D, Birth Certificate and proof of payment of the requisite application fees. Applications without these documents will not be processed.
– Successful candidates will be notified through their contact numbers and national press.

Career Opportunities

Careers you could pursue with this degree include:
Adult education
Curriculum coordinator/specialist
Guides/trainers (museums/institutes)
Lab technician

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Tuition Fees for Zimbabwean Students: $0
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,809,500

Tuition fee for Zimbabwean Students=
Tuition fee for International Students= 1,809,500 ZWD


International students are students who are not resident in Zimbabwe or whose parents or legal guardians are not resident in Zimbabwe at the date of their registration.


– Mr. Solomon Gowe
– Mrs. Petronella M. Muhita

Relevant Contact

General University Contact
Responsible for Admissions Enquiries
Mrs. T. Gate
Assistant registrar
Faculty Contact
Responsible for Academic Enquiries
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