WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$671 /year
Applications Begin:August 2020
Final Award:Master of Science in Biotechnology
Start Date:June 2021
Academic Unit:School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
Campus:Jambo Drive Main Campus
Application Deadline: April 2021
Programme Overview

The School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (SMNS) has since its inception in June 2008 developed various postgraduate programmes in Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Computer Sciences, and Science Education.

The design of these programmes has been based on modern and rigorous mathematical, scientific and technological standards and platforms that should continually contribute to meeting national and regional needs for specialised human resource capacities in these fields.

The programmes are intended to build and strengthen the human resource base required for sustained knowledge-based, socio-economic development, and enhanced scientific and technological competitiveness of Zambia in the world.

The programme is designed to ensure that the academic and professional mandates of Biotechnology meet the following objectives:
To provide advanced theoretical, practical and research-based knowledge and skills in specialised basic and applied disciplines of Biology.
To upgrade the qualifications of teachers, lecturers, educators and training providers through the provision of advanced skills and knowledge needed to effectively deliver courses and related services at tertiary levels of academic and professional education.
Provide graduate students with opportunities to develop specialised academic and research skills that should enhance their career prospects, while stimulating intellectual and professional growth.


First Year (Students take a total of five courses: 1 compulsory research methods course + 4 Biotechnology courses)
Year one
Compulsory Course
BI 500 Research methods and Statistics
Biotechnology Courses
BT 510 Plant biotechnology
BT 520 Biology and biotechnology of extremophiles
BT 530 Bioprocess optimisation and Application
BT 540 Biofuels Biotechnology

Second Year
BT 600 Research and Dissertation in Biotechnology

Admission Requirements

Applicants should:
-Possess a minimum of Bachelor’s degree in a related field from a recognized institution
-In addition to the admissions requirements for MBA,(finance), applicants who hold professional accounting qualifications in ACCA and CIMA
are eligible, provided they hold 5 ‘O’ level credits (Grade 12 or form 5 with Mathematics and English inclusive)

Application Process
Application Fees for Zambian students: $10
Application Fees for International students: $10

How To Apply:
Candidates are requested are apply online by logging on to the Copperbelt University website and clicking the apply now link.
Applicants are further advised to complete and submit the form online and thereafter print the ZANACO student Bill muster form.
This is what will be use to make the payment of 200Zmk at any Zambian commercial bank branch

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for this programme include:
– Biomedical Engineer
– Biochemist
– Medical Scientist
– Biological/Clinical Technician
– Microbiologist
– Process Development Scientist
– Biomanufacturing Specialists
– Business Development Manager

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Tuition Fees for Zambian students: $671
Tuition Fees for International students: $0

Tuition fee per year for local students = 13400Zmk
Tuition fee per year for international students =

Relevant Contact

Prof. Taylor
Dean of Graduate Studies
Academic Office
In charge of academic affairs