WPCS 2.1.5
Tuition Fees:$0 /year
Applications Begin:June 2021
Final Award:Bachelor of Science Education Honours Degree in Biological Sciences
Start Date:August 2021
Academic Unit:Faculty of Science Education
Campus:FSE Campus
Application Deadline:
Programme Overview

Students of the biology education honours degree program are prepared to teach biology in high schools and also have the necessary basic preparation to enter a career in industry or pursue an advanced degree in science.


Part I
Code Description
PC301 Curriculum Design, Implementation & Evaluation
PC102 Research Methods and Statistics
PC104 Citizenship Education
BZ101 Diversity of Life I
BZ102 Diversity of Life II
BZ411 Entomology & Parasitology
BZ312 Plant Physiology
BZ313 Invertebrate Biology
BZ314 Virology & Immunology
BZ202 Plant Form & Function
BZ204 Vertebrate Biology
BZ205 Evolutionary Botany
BZ107 Molecular & Cell Biology
BZ108 Genetics
BZ409 Human and Social Biology
BZ315 Molecular Genetics
BZ410 Agricultural Biology

Part 11
PC203 Advanced Pedagogics
PC204 History & Philosophy of Science
PC205 Educational Management
AS204 Applied Science Education
HS101 HIV/AIDS Education
BZ312 Plant Physiology
BZ311 Animal Physiology
BZ201 Ecology
BZ310 General Microbiology
BZ308 Biomathematics
BZ407 Biotechnology
BZ408 Applied Bacteriology & Mycology
BZ412 Applied Ecology
BZ420 Readings in Biology
BZ421 Lab Based Research Project

Part III
BZ370 or PC370 Project

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission, a candidate must have:

obtained a Certificate in Education/Diploma in Education or other recognizable teaching qualification from an acceptable institution where the subject of study was strongly represented;
have a pass in ‘A’ Level Biology;
have a good pass in ‘O’ Level English Language and Mathematics;
have had at least two years of approved teaching experience at an institution recognized by the University; and
may be required to pass a written/oral entrance examination set by the University in the subject to be studied.

Application Process
Application Fees for Zimbabwean Students: $3,619
Application Fees for International Students: $3,619

How to Apply
– Application forms may be downloaded by clicking here or obtained from the University, Admissions Office.
– Payment of application fees can be done at the University Cash Office or through any CBZ Bank – A/c No: 662-60902130074, Bindura Branch
– Complete the application form in full and indicate on top of the application form the intake you prefer (March or August) and the mode of study (Block or Full Time).
– Post or hand-deliver your completed application form to; Assistant Registrar – Admissions, Registration & Student Records, Bindura University of Science Education Bag 1020 Bindura.
– Attach certified copies of educational qualifications, I.D, Birth Certificate and proof of payment of the requisite application fees. Applications without these documents will not be processed.
– Successful candidates will be notified through their contact numbers and national press.

Career Opportunities

Careers you could pursue with this degree include:

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Tuition Fees for Zimbabwean Students: $0
Tuition Fees for International Students: $1,809,500

Tuition fee for Zimbabwean Students=
Tuition fee for International Students= 1,809,500 ZWD


International students are students who are not resident in Zimbabwe or whose parents or legal guardians are not resident in Zimbabwe at the date of their registration.


– Mr. Solomon Gowe
– Mrs. Petronella M. Muhita

Relevant Contact

General University Contact
Responsible for Admissions Enquiries
Mrs. T. Gate
Assistant registrar
Faculty Contact
Responsible for Academic Enquiries