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core values


(These six principles guide our conduct and our priorities)

Students First

AfriUni was created to solve student problems.
We will begin by providing much better Access to Vocational & Higher Education study options and bring Transparency to Education Opportunities across Africa.

Nothing is more important than the interests of our users/students. Every decision we make is guided first and foremost by this principle.


Our users rely on us to make informed education choices and decisions that will significantly affect the course of their professional lives.

We will try to the best of our ability to make sure that the information we provide on our website is accurate and reliable.


We are committed to conduct ourselves in a manner consistent to the highest standards of integrity. We aim to deliver on our promises but also to acknowledge our mistakes when they happen.

In all that we do, we believe our reputation is more important than any other short term rewards.

Focus on Impact

We strive for maximum impact by focusing on solving the most important problems of our users/students.

We aim to efficiently tackle the problems faced by millions of students and thousands of vocational & higher education institutions across Africa.

Pan-African Relevance

AfriUni was conceived from the ground up to be a continental education platform.
Students and education institutions across Africa mostly face the same problems. So we will be proactive in bringing our education solutions to most countries in Africa and not just to a select few countries.

Education as Self Empowerment

We believe that a good education is the master key necessary to empower girls, the youths and the poor. So, improving access to education for them will ;

  • –Increase access to economic opportunity and help them control their own destinies.
  • –Help them acquire the skills necessary to be valuable in the labour market.
  • –Provide them the knowledge to have healthier lives and also oppose gender, religious and ethnic discrimination.